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Church – Timeless or Trendy

You often hear people say that church isn’t relevant anymore, that it is old-fashioned and out-of-date. At Ohana we do not believe that church is old-fashioned, we believe it is timeless! Many people want to exchange traditional church for something new and different, more modern. At Ohana Baptist Church we still believe that the local church is “the pillar and ground of the truth” (I Timothy 3:15) and is still God’s plan for today.

Jesus Christ founded the church to represent His eternal kingdom and ageless truths with no need to imitate the culture around it. We want you to know that there is still a church that feels like a church. It won’t feel like a rock concert, a comedy club, or a motivational seminar. We don’t follow the latest trends. We follow the Word of God! You will be challenged with dynamic preaching, enjoy practical Bible-centered teaching, and traditional music that will lift your heart and soul to glorify God.
Still Relevant Still Relevant - Church needs to be relevant to make a difference. The timeless truths of the Bible work just as well in today’s society as they did 2000 years ago. Learn where God fits into the fast paced culture in which we live. Find out how God’s plan for marriage still applies in a world that is rejecting traditional marriage. Understand the principles that God wants us to live by every day. Understand what we believe and why.
Still Bible Still Bible - We don’t use a lot of videos, drama presentations, dance routines or other forms of entertainment in our services. Our focus is on the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. You will always hear passionate Bible preaching that will challenge your faith and teaching that will help you to grow in your relationship with God and others. We stand for the absolute truth of the time-tested Word of God. Bring your Bible because you will need it.
Still Exciting Still Exciting - There is a mistaken idea these days that God needs help from the latest fads and technologies to be considered exciting. At Ohana, we believe that entertainment and true worship are not the same, nor do they produce the same results. Our services are dynamic and refreshing. We speak to your soul and your spirit, not just your body and your emotions. We are not afraid of technology nor opposed to it when it is used as a tool of presentation rather than a means of entertaining.
Still Reverent Still Reverent - Casual seems to be the rage of today, but we believe that God deserves better. While you will not find a judgmental spirit here at Ohana, we do encourage our members to show their respect for God and others in the way they dress and act in church. Most people wear their “Sunday best” according to their tradition and culture. For some that means a suit and tie, for others it is a Filipino barong or an Hawaiian aloha shirt. For the ladies it often means a dress. Whatever you choose to wear, we are just glad you are here!
Still Family Still Family - Our culture’s experiments with the family have left the American home in a mess. The family has been redefined in so many ways in America until there seems to be no absolute standard. Even the most casual observer would have to admit that the traditional family as defined by God in the Bible is on the verge of extinction. We still believe in marriage and the family and provide you with the right tools and environment to grow together or to restore and heal your broken relationships. Our Ohana loves your Ohana!

We are Ohana...

Hawaiian for family, we are truly an Ohana in Christ, each individual unique in their background, their needs, and their talents, but coming together in the unity of the Lord to worship and serve Him.

When you visit Ohana Baptist Church for the very first time, you will be welcomed at the door by one of our members. During the service, you will have the opportunity to participate in God-centered worship through prayer and song and listen to one of our pastors give a sermon from the Bible.

If you have children, you will find age-graded programs that operate during all of our meeting times, giving your children an opportunity to be enriched spiritually as well by screened and loving staff. When the service is over, you will be given a free gift as our way to say "Thanks for stopping by!" Shortly after your visit, one of our members will follow up with you, asking you what you thought of your time with us. We hope you will want to come back soon!

Because our church is committed to the family, we try to minister to everyone in the family. We have children's programs from infant through the sixth grade, youth programs for Jr. High and High school students, a vibrant singles ministry, and adult Bible studies for all ages. Our church will help you to build a strong foundation for your home that can weather the storms of life. You will find our membership to be caring and supportive. Our teaching will ground you in the message of Christ. We also have a variety of opportunities for your family to serve others, as you are ready.

What we believe and why

What we believe and why

What we believe and teach at Ohana Baptist church comes from the Bible. Read more about what we teach, and why we teach it.


We have small groups that minister to just about everyone. From young to old, of every cultural group, military and Kama'aina!
Meet our Pastors

Meet our Pastors

Learn more about our Pastoral staff and how you can connect with them or ask questions.